Licensed Mental Health Counselor


Modern psychoanalytic treatment

Amanda Lenox M.S., LMHC, NCPsyA

7 W. 30th Street, 11th Floor
New York, NY 10001

Are you feeling shut down, silenced, overwhelmed, or burdened? Are your relationships burning you out? Do you feel blocked, hopeless, or plagued by critical thoughts?

You may be hampered from reaching your goals for many reasons: anxiety, depression, or because of reasons unknown. You may be trying to sort out how you want to set boundaries with others. Together we can begin to explore what is stopping you from living the life you want and resolve whatever could be standing in your way. 


Do I need therapy?

If you are not satisfied in the areas of work, love, or play, talking weekly in therapy may be advised.

How Psychotherapy Helps

BRAIN SCIENCE: Stressful events or traumas in a person's life can hinder the growth of dendrites in the brain. Any disturbance of this growth can deregulate emotional processing in a person. Luckily, recent neuroscience shows that talking in therapy redevelops dendrites in the brain. In essence, it does not matter what you are talking about in therapy, as long as you are talking. However, speaking with a therapist, in particular, is important as it provides certain expertise that friends and family cannot offer.

TRANSFERENCE PHENOMENA: Because everyone relates through the template they were treated in as they grew up, therapy is a place where people can come to view what their particular template looks like. They can begin to sort out whether or not this structure suits them and possibly begin to try out new ideas with the therapist as a reliable sounding board. This is usually done at a pace that feels comfortable to the individual and in service of the therapy proceeding onward.