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Entertainment industry professionals, chronic illness, Trauma, Couples, LGBTQC


Public figures, politicians, dancers, performing artists, Visual artists, and athletes.

Are you suffering from creative block? Do you want your artistry to reflect more of your true self? Are you managing an injury? Do you struggle with being an artist and a businessperson? Would you like to be in the spotlight without stage fright? You may be hampered from achieving your goals for many reasons, known or unknown.

With her BFA from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia and her leadership in the arts, Amanda is equipped to specialize in performing arts, visual arts, sports psychology, and public figures in her psychotherapy practice; particularly, with dancers, actors, visual artists, singers, athletes, and politicians. 

chronic illness and somatic complaints

Do you have a chronic illness or injury that hampers you from being fully functional? Are you in a relationship with someone who has a chronic illness? Are you suffering from other various illnesses or physical discomforts that take your focus from other pursuits? 

Sorting out the complications of the body often requires ongoing emotional support and release of emotional blockages stored in the body. This generally requires a comprehensive treatment plan that involves psychotherapy. Amanda specializes in helping clients manage chronic illness and other various somatic complaints. She has had success with patients who have come to her with somatic symptoms that range in severity and has an understanding of how these stresses can impact your life.

Couples, lovers, MARRIAGES, partnerships, co-parenting

Is your relationship argumentative? Are you struggling to find the balance in fairness? Do you take your stress out on each other? Is sarcasm (or other defensive behaviors) used to fight dirty instead of talking things out? Do you have love but struggle with the reality of sharing responsibilities? Do you do hurtful things and find it difficult to apologize after?

The dynamics that come in to play as couples develop their relationship can be taxing to sort out. When to speak up, extend an olive branch, or let go of anger with regard for your partner is often nuanced. Personality, past behaviors, and cultural upbringings often come into play. With Amanda's help, these matters can begin to get sorted out. As you progress, your relationship can finally feel less like a court trial proceeding and more of the love fest you want it to be.

Trauma and disorientation

Have you had a significant event occur in your life that you are having extreme difficulty metabolizing? Are you experiencing haunting thoughts or memories? Do you seem alert or watchful in situations where you want to sit back and relax? Perhaps you are unsure if you have been traumatized but still feel like there is a matter from the past that has never been fully resolved? Even several small incidents can occur over an extended period of time that unknowingly create a large build up.

You may need the assistance of a therapist to help metabolize or break down the large mass of thoughts, feelings, or energies swarming you. Amanda can give you the support to stand your ground while you face the task at hand.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Curious (LGBTQC)

Do you feel excitement and energy for your lifestyle but feel other people bring you down with their judgments and criticisms? Do you feel burdened by thoughts and feelings that surround your romantic life, which you should simply be enjoying? Do others stigmatize your decisions with little to no regard for your ideas? Do you want space to work, love, and play without the burden of institutional barriers?

Society still lacks in proper laws and accommodations for the LGBTQC population. Hate crimes and bullying are rampant. Religious denominations do not universally accept LGBTQC individuals the same way they accept heterosexuals. Yet, LGBTQC individuals have countless characteristics that make them strong pillars of our society that we desperately need. Amanda will offer a safe place to discuss the unique challenges that you face and celebrate your right to exist as you wish.

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