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Celebrities, politicians, dancers, performing artists, Visual artists, and sports psychology

Are you suffering from creative block? Do you want your artistry to reflect more of your true self? Are you managing an injury? Do you struggle with being an artist and a businessperson? Would you like to be in the spotlight without stage fright? You may be hampered from achieving your goals for many reasons, known or unknown.

With her BFA from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia and her leadership in the arts, Amanda is equipped to specialize in performing arts, visual arts, sports psychology, and celebrity spotlights in her psychotherapy practice; particularly, with dancers, actors, visual artists, singers, athletes, and politicians. 

chronic illness and somatic complaints

Do you have a chronic illness or injury that hampers you from being fully functional? Are you in a relationship with someone who has a chronic illness? Are you suffering from other various illnesses or physical discomforts that take your focus from other pursuits? 

Sorting out the complications of the body often requires ongoing emotional support and release of emotional blockages stored in the body. This generally requires a comprehensive treatment plan that involves psychotherapy. Amanda specializes in helping clients manage chronic illness and other various somatic complaints. She has had success with patients who have come to her with somatic symptoms that range in severity and has an understanding of how these stresses can impact your life.